National Cemetery Eligibility

Burial in a National Cemetery

A Lovely Benefit for Those Who Have Served

National Cemetery EligibilityIf you have served in the United States military, you may qualify for the privilege to be buried in a military cemetery replete with the military honor of three volleys of rifle fire.

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Many individuals, though, aren’t aware of this benefit so they don’t plan for it. When they die, their family may not know about it either. It is a good idea, if you are interested in such a burial, to find out if you meet the eligibility guidelines. If so, make sure your family is well aware of your desire for such a burial.

If you are eligible, it doesn’t end with you.  Your spouse, as well as dependent children may be eligible.  The benefit is one that could save substatially and take a smaller bite from the proceeds of the burial insurance coverage.

If you are pre-planning your funeral, you would do well to advise the funeral home of your wishes. The military cemetery, aside from being a beautiful and honorable place of interment, is an economical choice, as well.

Anyone who served in any branch of the military that died while actively serving is eligible for such a burial. Any member of the Armed Forces that has been discharged may qualify, as long as it wasn’t determined to be a dishonorable discharge. Those that were discharged due to poor conduct or other circumstances may not qualify for other benefits. Each case would be subject to review.

Any American citizen that served in any war for the United States and wasn’t dishonorably discharged qualifies for such a burial. Many people assume that because they are members of the reserves or the training corps that they don’t qualify but that isn’t true. Any reserve or training corps member that may have been entitled to retiree payment under the applicable US Code (or may have been, if death occurred prior to age 60) will qualify.

Additionally, members of the reserves or the National Guard that died while hospitalized for treatment for injuries that are the result of training or duty can qualify to be buried in a military cemetery. There are also stipulations for the spouses and minor children of a veteran that could qualify them for such a burial.

If you have questions about eligibility for a national cemetery burial, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs. They can provide you with all of the details that are needed to get your questions answered. Upon the death of someone that is to be interred in a military cemetery, there are documents that will need to be faxed. The funeral home should be able to take care of this on the behalf of the deceased.  In addition to all the positive aspects of having a National Cemetery for a final resting place, it is a way to preserve some of the proceeds from your funeral insurance policy.

The burial benefit is a token of appreciation by the people of the United States for the service to one’s country. When pre-planning a funeral, if there is any doubt of eligibility, check the above link to the Veterans Administration.

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