Do I need a Burial Vault

Do I need a burial vault | fresh grave
There are many things to think about when it comes to a burial, and one of these is the use of a vault. The vault will increase the overall costs, so if you are looking for a way to save some money or to stretch the limited budget you have to work with, then you can look at this. The fact that the vault isn’t necessary may be something that you weren’t aware of.

Many families have no burial insurance and few resources. Some view burial vaults as an unnecessary expense.  The burial vault is a nice ‘extra’ the funeral home offers, that has become so commonplace, many think it is required.

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The purpose of the vault is to line the grave before the casket is placed into it. This will prevent the ground around the casket from folding inward. It also ensures that those responsible for covering up the grave won’t have to be at risk for a sink hole developing as the ground settles. This will help to reduce later maintenance work that has to be done by those responsible for the cemetery upkeep.

The use of a burial vault is something that has become very commonplace in the last century or so. They were introduced when caskets started being made out of metal instead of from wood. A vault has a solid concrete or metal lid, and it offers a seal. They can be lined with a variety of types of materials such as bronze, copper, or steel.

This helps to reduce the impact of the elements so that it won’t cause damage to the casket. The seal is heavily promoted and increases the cost of a burial. However, in reality the casket doesn’t really need this type of seal or protection so it is something you can turn down and not have to think twice about it when you are pre-planning your funeral or you are planning the funeral for a loved one that recently passed away.

Some cemeteries push the vaults for long-term beauty of the place.  The ground sometimes has a tendency to settle, which a vault might prevent.  A concrete grave liner would stabilize the ground in the same way and is much cheaper.

Should you buy one of the caskets still made from wood; the funeral home will often try to get you to buy a very expensive vault so that the wood will be well protected. If you do want to have the vault in place, get one that is a bell type. The casket will sit on the flat part of it and then there is a cover that goes over the top preventing water from getting into it. This is similar to the design of a common butter dish.

 The national Concrete Burial Vault Association can think up many reasons why you need a burial vault.

Do I need a Burial Vault?

While some people can’t bear to think about the certainty of returning to dust, still others think there is little reason to spend a bunch of money to prolong the inevitable.  The reality is, no one will ever lay eyes on your casket again, vault or no vault.  Perhaps your family would be better served by spending the money on the living.  Then again, perhaps not.

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