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Burial Insurance Advice Disclosure

To the readers of Burial Insurance Advice -

It’s time to disclose just what it is I’m up to here in the interest of being transparent.

I had a good time collecting data to put this website together. You can find out more about that process on the ‘About‘ page.

There are expenses associated with the launching and maintenance of any website. To make up a little of what I’ve invested, I have partnered with Google Ads, which you can see on each page.

In theory, if a reader sees something deemed interesting there and clicks on one of the Google Ads, the owner of the website (in this case, yours truly) makes a little spare change. In a year’s time, it may generate enough to maintain the site. If I’m lucky, there might be a little left over for a couple of beers with the boys -but, not enough for that Jeep Grand Cherokee my daughter wants.

Vic Doke


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