No one at Burial Insurance Advice.com is licensed to sell insurance and, therefore, is not a subject matter expert.

This website is the result of a lot of information gathering in order to assemble a bunch of it in one place. It is an attempt to help somebody, somewhere, who might be wrestling with issues surrounding end-of-life planning.

Depending upon who you ask, how successful I am at that goal might be subject for debate.

At times, my opinion may have crept into the dialog. That is not factual -it’s only my opinion, which means nothing.

If I said something stupid, or made some careless factual mistake somewhere, I’ll take responsibility for it. Feel free to point it out, if you find something factually incorrect (there are comments invited on all posts).

The dear reader is invited to learn from my writing but must not take my answer as final. The dear wise reader would investigate further to determine if what is stated here is actually true.

In the end, the reader must use the information found here at his or her own risk.

You spending some time here is very much appreciated.

Vic Doke

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