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Shopping for a Casket
Shopping for a Casket | Will I save money buying it elsewhere? When shopping for a casket or a vault, the idea is to buy what fits the budget. Doing so will tend to give you peace of mind. When you are shopping for such items, look beyond the funeral home. **** See Video Below **** Funeral directors tend to have higher prices so when you need to stretch the dollars in your pocket you need to shop [...]
The Funeral Rule
The Funeral Rule Protects the Grieving from the Unscrupulous Custom coffins displayed at the Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop in Teshie -by Jean-Michel RoussetThe funeral rule is a step toward making sure consumers are well informed.  As with any business, the funeral homes are there to make money.  However, some of them have also been known to take unfair advantage of their customers during the [...]
Is Embalming Necessary?
Short Answer -Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No Many people believe that the process of embalming before a person can be buried is absolutely necessary. It may surprise you to learn that isn’t always the case. It really depends on where you happen to live, and other circumstances regarding the deceased and what arrangements  are planned. **** See Video Below **** If a person is to be cremated soon [...]
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