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Buy a Casket Direct
The cost of a casket can be very high, so you may want to try to buy one directly (from the distributor or manufacturer). This is an idea you can incorporate if you are pre-planning your funeral services or if you are in charge of taking care of the funeral for someone that has recently died. You can get the same casket this way but for less because there is no middleman that has to make some money [...]
Cremation vs Burial
One idea to consider, that will help to reduce the cost of a funeral service is cremation as an alternative to burial. The savings is the result of the body not needing to be prepared for the funeral service. Often, embalming can be skipped too, as long as the cremation will take place within 48 hours after death. One of the large expenses of any funeral service is for the casket, and you won’t [...]
Do I need a Burial Vault
There are many things to think about when it comes to a burial, and one of these is the use of a vault. The vault will increase the overall costs, so if you are looking for a way to save some money or to stretch the limited budget you have to work with, then you can look at this. The fact that the vault isn’t necessary may be something that you weren’t aware of. Many families have no burial [...]
Funeral: Pre-Pay, Pre-Plan, or Both
Should I Pre-Pay or Pre-Plan my Funeral? It is a good idea to pre-pay and pre-plan your funeral. It is a gift you can give to your family that they will really appreciate.  Your death will take a toll on them emotionally and the last thing you want is them to struggle financially as well because if it. **** Before you go ... See Video Below **** This page was last updated on You also don’t [...]
Debt and the Deceased
 Am I stuck with these bills? Click image for larger version The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) doesn’t require the relatives of someone that is deceased to pay for their financial obligations from their own assets. For example, if your brother dies his debt collectors can’t pursue you to pay them due to the fact that you are related. **** Before you go ...See Video Below **** Should any [...]
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