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What Role Your Health Issues Play When Buying Burial Insurance
One fact of life is that health issues naturally accompany age. Unless you’ve won the genetic lottery, most people will likely endure some health challenges in the latter part of life. Thankfully, life insurance companies designed burial insurance plans to absorb the risk of some pretty major health issues. For that reason, most health conditions will have no impact whatsoever when you go to apply. Note: [...]
Burial Insurance News
Burial Insurance News Who Pays the Final Expense for the Indigent? It is being reported that there has been a rise in taxpayer funded funerals of late. A function of a sluggish economy, some localities have long covered burials for the indigent populace. That group has seen its ranks swell lately due to higher unemployment in the United States. One township in Indiana has seen its costs rise for [...]
Pre-Need Burial Insurance
Affordable Pre-Need Burial Insurance for Senior Citizens Those people who are over 60 years old and that have some health problems should be thinking about some of the pre need burial insurance opportunities for senior citizens as these can help you a lot, they are easy to qualify for and you can even get them for a very moderate price. Today’s rates for some of these final expense insurance [...]
Funeral Insurance vs Life Insurance
 Funeral Insurance vs Life Insurance Some people have wondered about what a battle between funeral insurance vs. life insurance would be like. These are definitely two of the best opportunities to help your family when you are gone and this is certainly something that you need to consider if you care about your family and what will happen when you are not in this world anymore. For our purposes [...]
Burial Insurance History
  Burial Cover Origins The origin of burial insurance has centuries old Roman and Greek roots where burial clubs helped with the funeral costs of its members. This type of burial cover was designed to assist families of those in ill health with the costs of burial. It was more often the poor and less-privileged folks who could not afford funeral costs and who would opt for the burial cover.  *** [...]
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