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Buy a Casket Direct: Save Hundred of DollarsThe cost of a casket can be very high, so you may want to try to buy one directly (from the distributor or manufacturer). This is an idea you can incorporate if you are pre-planning your funeral services or if you are in charge of taking care of the funeral for someone that has recently died.

You can get the same casket this way but for less because there is no middleman that has to make some money in the process.

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If you really want a certain casket but it is too much at the funeral home, you may be able to afford it by purchasing directly. Take a look around online to see what options you have and to compare prices. Even with the fees involved to get it shipped to the funeral home, you will still come out with savings. Just make sure you find out what the shipping will be in advance. Try to find a company that will ship the casket free of charge.

Further, if you have a pickup truck or small utility trailer and don’t mind driving a couple hundred miles, you will likely come out far ahead on cost if you go pick it up yourself, rather than have it shipped.

Some of the funeral home operators are very smooth talkers, and they seem to be trying to comfort you. Yet they are really trying to get you to emotionally commit to buying more expensive items they have for sale.  So, you must be cautious. They will try to encourage you to buy only the very best for yourself or for your loved one to be buried in. If you aren’t careful, the cost can prove to be much more than you had anticipated.

Realistically, once the first bucket of fill is placed over the casket, no one will ever see it again.  Does it matter what color or type of finish it has?  Or, how finely crafted it is?  Some say it does not.

Don’t rely on the funeral or burial insurance alone to take care of the full cost of a funeral either. Many people are quite shocked at the thousands of dollars it costs. You can shop direct for the casket to help reduce the amount you pay out of pocket. With so many people not having any funeral insurance at all, this is certainly something to take a very good look at.

On a side note, the funeral home can’t charge you any additional fees for handling a casket that you purchased directly from somewhere else. This is covered in the funeral rule law, and if they do try to charge you such fees you need to report it immediately to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Buy a Casket Direct


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