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Who Pays the Final Expense for the Indigent?

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It is being reported that there has been a rise in taxpayer funded funerals of late. A function of a sluggish economy, some localities have long covered burials for the indigent populace. That group has seen its ranks swell lately due to higher unemployment in the United States.

One township in Indiana has seen its costs rise for covering the funerals from about $28,000 in 2007 to just under $60,000 in 2011.

It is seen, by this township, as a necessary expense and is rewarding for the officials in charge of it. When the family of the deceased is gathered to inquire about the benefit, there is much emotional stress relieved when it is determined that the deceaesed is eligible for the funds to pay for the burial.

A city in Alabama apparently has no such benefit available for the indigent. Evidence of this is the plea by the family of a recent murder victim for assistance in gathering burial funds. 

Burial Clubs Help Pay for the Burials of the Poor

All this underscores the need to be prepared for the worst. Even indigent families have resources available in the form of Burial Clubs or Burial Societies.  Burial societies are a form of burial insurance with a long history.

These informal associations, formed by churches or other civic organizations have been in existence for centuries for this exact purpose -to provide a decent funeral and not have to rely on the local ‘Poor Union’ to provide a ‘paupers burial, and thus be interred in the paupers graveyard without a headstone.

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