Burial Insurance Costs

The ‘average’ burial in the U.S. has risen to about $6,500. Since that is the average, you can expect, in some cases, to spend even more.

Burial Insurance Costs

To trust to Fortune’s smiles alone, Is the High Road to be undone.

For every funeral costing less than $6,500 there is one that costs more. The sky is the limit.

Note: This page was last updated on 22nd of February 2018

There are certain expenses that sometimes are in the ‘unforeseen’ category -largely because we, as a society, don’t like to talk about our demise.

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If we did plan, we would know right down to brass tacks what it would cost for enough funeral cover to allow us to go out in style.  We would pay it –and we’d be done. Nice.

Of course, there are some forward looking people who do plan and do pre-pay for the costs associated with their own funerals. Sometimes inflation is factored in. If there is a surplus in the end, according to laws of some states, it gets rolled back into the estate of the deceased.

If you were to pre-plan a burial for the purpose of arranging burial insurance, you would be aware of the costs for items and services such as the following:

  • Publishing an obituary
  •  Cremation or interment
  •  Casket costs
  •  Funeral director’s services
  •  Cemetery costs -plot, burial vault, digging, grave liner
  •  Hearse
  •  Clergy
  •  Elaborate tombstone (or simple grave marker)
  •  Flowers
  •  Food and refreshments or catering for family gathering before and after the ceremonies
  •  Clothing
  •  Music
  •  Lodging for out-of-town relatives
  •  Transportation for out-of-town family members
  •  Legal fees

It is good to plan these things. Affordable payment arrangements can be worked out for your burial insurance costs. It ensures that in the end, after your health has declined and you are just about out of money, your heirs won’t have to figure out how to pay for your final expenses. That is one of the burial insurance benefits.  It is a nice touch and will undoubtedly be appreciated by your loved ones.

 Burial Cover: Cost Control

Incidentally, if you like to be in control of things surrounding you, this is your last chance.  If you expect your heirs to spend your life insurance proceeds on an elaborate funeral -a ceremony that befits the honor you deserve for bringing up your kids in the fine lifestyle to which they became accustomed, don’t.  You’ll be lucky if they don’t bet the house on the ponies, or take their girl (or boy) friends to Las Vegas.  You can guess the outcome.  In that regard, burial insurance could be deemed a bargain.

The Flip Side (as noted in the video below)

Lately, in these unsettling economic times, there has been a noticeable trend toward in-home funerals. Some families are opting to care for the deceased from time of death to delivering him or her to the crematorium or cemetery.

There is no law that mandates embalming, except in some circumstances, such as some communicable disease, or, if the body is being shipped or won’t be refrigerated within a certain time frame.

Those that have taken on the responsibility have done so to keep the event more personal, they say. There is evidence that some who make this choice did so because of the cost savings, which are substantial. Many who chose this route may not have if not for the state of the economy.  You can have a do-it-yourself funeral for as little as $250.  Certain costs are inescapable -such as fees for filing the death certificate, crematorium or burial plot.  Most veterans, on the other hand are eligible for interment in a National Cemetery, for which the cost is little, if anything.  Check eligibility Here.

Some have buried their family member on their own land in a home-made casket.  Because of the potential cost savings, it makes a good case for NOT pre-paying for a funeral.

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