Burial Insurance: Some Common Questions

Do you Burial Insurance: Questionsknow the current price of funerals? An odd question you may say. But funeral expenses and other bills which tend to come up at this time can be a big burden for many families considering the high cost.

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Burial insurance policies are one way to get relief from the financial burden that comes with funerals. In a case where a medical exam is not required, older people can qualify for the burial cover without difficulties.

Do you need to be medically examined? A few simple questions are asked during application. Most people will qualify if they have reasonably good health. Some burial policies do not ask questions concerning your health conditions because they mostly accept older people. Before choosing a burial policy it is important to look at the advantages and disadvantages of either types of policy.

How much does it cost to obtain a funeral policy? There are so many factors that could affect the cost of a funeral policy. Once more, this includes the health condition of the applicant, the nature of the policy, which insurance company you’re looking at and the city where the applicant resides.

How do I go about getting the burial insurance policy? You can easily get quotes on policies by filling out a quick online form on the insurance companies’ websites. This could save you a lot of time and perhaps, money in the long run, if you check out many companies.

Why should I buy a burial insurance policy, anyway? Only you can answer that. Comparing the cost of the funeral with the expenses of paying an insurance premium could be an important factor in making a good decision. Not everyone’s situation is the same. Some people want elaborate funerals (which don’t come cheap) –while, others do not. In the end, the question, “Why buy final expense cover” can only be answered by you and is likely dependent upon how much resources are available to you. There are other options you may wish to consider, other than a customary funeral.  One popular twist on the funeral is the ‘Celebration of Life‘ concept which would not, of course, replace grieving but is a little more upbeat.

Who is entitled to collect the burial benefits of my policy? You are responsible for choosing a relative, spouse, someone that has a close tie with you e.g. a business partner, a charitable organization, or even a close friend. You really need to get someone you trust to agree to fulfill your wishes when you die –in advance.

 Burial Insurance: Common Questions

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