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Our goal was to put together something that is easy to use and places all the information in one place.

About us: Burialinsuranceadvice.com/aboutBurialInsuranceAdvice.com provides an overview of the options available when seeking funeral cover in different parts of the world.  Not everywhere, but a few, as a comparison of a couple of things.  First is the difference in priority that is placed upon being prepared for the final countdown.  Second is the terminology.  It is similar but there are slight variations.  Many of the options available in various English speaking countries are very similar but the terminology differs.  

The first comparison is not always affected by standards of living, as some very poor societies place a very high priority on it -which might be a surprise to some.  In the U.S., there are many people who choose not to discuss the end-of-life considerations,   for some reason.  many people are proactive in this regard, but many are not.

It is important for you to know that the author of the articles on this website is not licensed to sell any kind of insurance -anywhere. The information was brought together from many sources and should be treated as anecdotal. It is intended as an overview, a tool to enlighten the uninitiated before he or she goes shopping for burial insurance. Please consult a licensed professional for further insight.

The age-old question is about whether burial insurance is worth it as compared to life insurance. We think the answer is: they each have their place.

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